About Us


In my 20 years of leadership experience in security, anti -terrorism and diverse law enforcement roles, l can personally attest to the horrible stories of abuse from all over the world. With my 10 years experience training both males and females I know the best way to fight anything, is to be prepared and accept the possibility that things could happen. Through my many years of training experience I’ve discovered countless failings in self-defense programs which simply don’t suit everybody. That inspired me to open my own Defense Academy. Our programs suit every female at a very young age, regardless of her physical strength. We will teach you about predators mindset and how not to become a soft target. We will teach you how to “fight like a girl”, which is the most powerful thing you can do while fighting against a sexual predator. You will be able to use your strengths against his weaknesses. A good self-defense program does not “tell” an individual what she “should” or “should not” do.
A program should offer options, techniques, and a way of analyzing situations. A program may point out what USUALLY works best in MOST situations, but each situation is unique and the final decision rests with the person actually confronted by the situation. Empowerment is the goal of a good self-defense program. Our duty is to protect our loved ones and ourselves from any possible threat.

Educate Yourself. Don’t Live In Fear.