Take Control

1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
80% of women who fought back avoided injuries and/or rape.

Ages 12-34 are the years with the highest risk;

Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault;

82% of all sexual assaults are by people who know the victim;

68% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police.

Reduce The Odds ®

This module is focused on prevention and risk reduction. Through the process of lecture, video and discussion students will learn about victimology, the victim selection process, the predator mindset, the secondary crime scene, date rape drugs, tactics, strategies and more.

Take Control 1

This module is centred on the “Stay with People” principle and covers escaping and defending against the most common sexual assault scenarios – this means the student will actually learn how to escape from the very same positions in which predators carry out their attacks before taking them to the secondary location. Students learn to effectively defend and escape various attack positions as well as choking, hitting and grabbing by the predator.

Take Control 2

This module centres on the “Go to People” principle and covers date rape scenarios and provides the tactics and techniques students need to defend against an attack in a secluded area and escape to a populated area. It is designed to defend against attacks that can be perpetrated by acquaintances and, considering that a majority of all attacks are committed by someone who knows you; this module could be one of the most practical.

Educate Yourself. Don’t Live In Fear.